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Understanding Color Temperature 

What is Color Temperature? 

Color Temperature is a term used to describe the color of a given light.

It is based on the color given off by a glowing hot piece of platinum.

For instance, heat the metal to "red hot" and its temperature describes the red color.

Heat it more and you get "yellow hot," "white hot," eventually even "blue hot." 

The Kelvin Temperature Scale 

Color temperature is always measured in degrees Kelvin.

The Kelvin scale is the temperature scale normally used in physical sciences like astronomy.

It is like the more familiar Fahrenheit or Celsius scales, except 0 on the Kelvin scale

is Absolute Zero - the temperature at which there is no heat energy left in an object. 

  Fahrenheit Celsius Kelvin
Absolute Zero -460 -273 0
Water Freezes 32 0 273
Room Temperature 70 21 294
Water Boils 212 100 373
Surface of the Sun 9937 5503 5776



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