Cold Cathode Light

specification sheets


Here are some specification sheets, ideal for submission with detail description of product parts and application.

B Blue (60MA-Standard) spec interior MAXI 12035
Brilliant Blue 50MA electronic Euro Exterior MaXi Electronic 3080
Brilliant Blue 50MA electronic spec B. Blue MaXi Electronic 5050
C-Cathode (90MA STANDard) spec. MaXi Electronic 8050
C-Cathode (100MA ELECTronic) spec MAXI TwoLite LV 900-100-K spec.
C-Cathode 15MM (30MA STANDard) spec MiDi Electronic 3050
C-Cathode 15MM (60MA STANDard) spec North White 120MA STANDard TF4200K spec
c-cathode exterior circuit 1 Powder Blue 202
C-Cathode Lamp Support RGB Cove detail
C-Cathode Low Voltage 100MA (electronic) roof top C-cathode 'C' channel
C-Cathode Low Voltage 120MA (install spec.) roof top C-cathode 'roof washing'
DayLight 120MA STANDard TF3500K spec. SofftLite 50MA electronic spec TF 2700K
Dimmable Cold Cathode Guide 50mA Soft Lite 80MA ELECTronic TF 2700K EURO
EGL catalog Super Warm (120MA STANDard) TF2400K spec
FART catalog Surge Protector
Warm White (60MA Standard) exterior TF 3000K Warm White 30MA standard spec 3000K 15MM
15kV ht cable specification 100MA Low Voltage C-Cathode
100MA_Low_Voltage_spec 40019895_VDE_resinblock

For further detail or other custom specification sheets, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or email.


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