Cold Cathode Light

specification sheets


Here are some specification sheets, ideal for submission with detail description of product parts and application.

50W Halogen End-lit OutDoor 150W a
70W HiD Fiber light COLORS
75W Halogen fiber light feature wall a
100W Halogen fiber showcase 2 a
150W HiD Fountain Fiber Lights
Cascading Water Feature 150W glass fiber chandelier 2
Ceiling Fiber Lights (no swarovski) 50W a HiD FO Lamp spec
Ceiling Fiber Lights (no swarovski) 70W B Infinity Optic Lights 2
Ceiling Fiber Lights (no swarovski) 75W a Jacket Fiber Spec
Ceiling Fiber Lights (no swarovski) 150W a Optic Chandelier 2
Ceiling Swarovski Fiber 50W SS1 a Optic Chandelier 150W (2) - 100 mm apart
Ceiling Swarovski Fiber 75W (G2) a side~spark chandelier 4
Ceiling Swarovski Fiber 75W (U1) a side~spark chandelier WAVE
Ceiling Swarovski Fiber 150W (U3) a Side-lit pool fiber a
Clear Fiber Spec. Solid core fiber
Cosmic Shooting Star a Spot Fitting SS-EF6
Cosmic Wall Fiber Light a Spot Fitting SS-EF10 Medium
Customise disc & port Step Light FiBER~LED spec. sheet
Task Light 75W Halogen    

For further detail or other custom specification sheets, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or email.


Fiber Optic Light