Cold Cathode

specification sheets


Here are some specification sheets, ideal for submission with detail description of product parts and application.

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50W Halogen Chandelier Animation effect
70W HiD Fiber Optic Chandelier 100W (1)
75W Halogen Fiber Optic Chandelier 100W (2)
100W Halogen Fiber Optic Chandelier 150W (1)
150W HiD Fiber Optic Chandelier 150W (2)
Ceiling Fiber Lights 50W Hal Fiber Optic Chandelier 150W (3)
    Fiber Optic Curtain 150W
Ceiling Fiber Lights 75W Hal Showcase (1) 75W Hal
Ceiling Fiber Lights 100W Hal Showcase (2) 75W Hal
Ceiling Fiber Lights 150W HiD Showcase (3) 75W Hal
End-Lit Floor 50W Hal    
End-Lit Floor 75W Hal Showcase (1) 150W HiD
End-Lit Floor 150W HiD Showcase (2) 150W HiD
End-Lit Fountain 150W HiD Fish Pond Side-Lit 100W Hal
Infinity Optic Lights Side-Lit Pool 150W HiD
Cosmic Shooting Star Effect Task Light 75W Hal

For further detail or other custom specification sheets, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or email.


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