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Neon Lighting                                                                                     

Indirect Cove Illuminations


Architectural Lighting


Signage & Billboards


Accent & back lighting


Sculpture Neon & Display


Theatrical and entertainment lights


Artist and designers have developed an interest in the potential for NEON as a legitimate 

lighting medium and art form due to its unmatched brilliance, low maintenance and wide 

choice of colors. Lumen output from neon tubes is 500 lumens per foot.


 Neon tubes generally come with four (4) sizes in diameter 9mm, 10mm, 12mm

         and 15mm. Any size above 15mm are called Cold Cathode tubes.


 Neon (if installed correctly) has low maintenance. The life expectancy of neon 

 fittings is 12 to 15 years while neon ballast can last for 10 years. This eliminates 

 re-lamping particularly where tubes are in difficult to reach locations.


 Neon tubes is custom made to the specification of the designer and on-site

         measurements are verified to assure exact and optimum lumen effect.  


 Neon is best suited for sharp and tight spaces compared to other lighting fixtures.


 Concealed neon lighting requires only 3  inches by 3 inches laying area.


 Neon tubing is butted against the next tube to assure a continuous and steady

         flow without any dark spots or hot spots.  


 Neon can be dimmed to as low as 40 to 60 % of its total brilliance

         brilliance without resorting to expensive ballast and dimmers.


There are a variety number of colors available to blend any color scheme. 

 This includes a number of white neon colors such as warm white 3000K, white 6500K,

 snow white, super warm white and Daylight 3500K.




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