Here are some specification sheets, ideal for submission with detail description of product parts and its application. 

  Ceiling Fiber Lights
  Ceiling Fiber Lights(with Swarovski)
  Avatar Tree Sides~Spark
  Cascading Water Feature Outdoor
  Cosmic Shooting Star FOL
  Swimming Pool Fiber Lights
  Water Feature Fiber Lights
  Wall Fiber Lights
  Task Light Application
  Underwater Optic FIber Sensor
  Fountain Lighting 
  Glass Fiber Light Chandelier
  Sides~Spark Fiber Chandelier
  Curtain Sides~Spark Fiber
  Side-lit Pool Perimeter Lighting 
  STEP-Light solid core Fiber
  Infinity imaging (Mirror) Fiber Lights
  Wave Sides~Spark Fiber Chandelier

  Pool Deck Fiber Lights
  Museum Showcase FOL
  Fiber Light illuminated Signage
  Clear Optic Fiber
  Sheath (black) End-lit Fiber
  Fiber Accessories 1
  Sparkle / Twinkle options
  Dichroic Color Changing Options
  Dichroic Correctors 2700K / 5000K
  8W XHP OutDoor Fiber~LED
  30W XHP Fiber~LED
  30W XHP OutDoor Fiber~LED
  50W Halogen FOL
  75W Halogen FOL
  100W Halogen FOL
  75W HiD FOL
  150W HiD FOL
  150W OutDoor HiD FOL

For further details or other custom specification sheets, please do not hesitate to contact us by email.